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3 Kilos Gold Bar Vodka, 1L

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Product Description

Discover the luxury and elegance of 3 Kilos Gold Bar Vodka, a truly golden experience that transforms your drinking pleasure into a treasure hunt. Unearth the rich, smooth taste hidden within this exceptional vodka and elevate your next celebration to new heights.

Dripping with opulence, 3 Kilos Gold Bar Vodka is encased in a stunning 1L bottle shaped like a gold bar, making it an eye-catching centrepiece for your collection or a remarkable gift for vodka aficionados. But the true value of this vodka lies in the liquid gold inside, meticulously crafted from premium European wheat and the purest water sources.

Five times distilled and ultra-filtered, 3 Kilos Gold Bar Vodka offers unparalleled smoothness and a sophisticated flavour profile.

Embrace the lavish lifestyle and indulge in 3 Kilos Gold Bar Vodka, where premium quality and exquisite design come together to deliver the ultimate vodka experience.

Tasting notes:

Subtle hints of citrus and vanilla dance on your palate, creating a luxurious sipping experience that's perfect for enjoying neat or in your favourite vodka-based cocktails.

Product Details:

  • Strength (ABV): 40%
  • Size: 1000ml
  • Spirit: Vodka
  • Base: Premium European Wheat
  • Distillation: 5 times distilled
  • Flavour: Subtle citrus and vanilla
  • Colour: Clear
  • Origin: Netherlands
  • Brand: 3 Kilos Vodka