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Smirnoff Red Label Vodka, 1L

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Product Description:

Sold in more than 130 countries, Smirnoff Red Label Plain Vodka is celebrated as the number one best-selling vodka brand in the world. Find out why for yourself.

Smirnoff Red is the number one best-selling premium vodka in the world, with countless years of heritage and unmatched quality sold in over 130 countries.

Smirnoff is triple-distilled and delivers a smooth, clean taste to all your favourite cocktails and vodka mixes. Produced from the finest grains and filtered ten times through charcoal, this vodka is perfect for mixing, creating a wide array of delicious drinks that suit any occasion.

Smirnoff Red Label Tasting Notes:

  • Nose: Subtle grain and faint charcoal aromas
  • Palate: Light, smooth and crisp with a clean taste
  • Finish: Delicate and neutral

Product Details - Everything You Need To Know

    • Alcohol Strength: 37.5% ABV
    • Size: 1L
    • Alcohol Type: Vodka
    • Flavour: Plain Vodka
    • Colour: Clear
    • Brand: Smirnoff

    How To Enjoy Smirnoff Vodka:

    • House parties with friends
    • Casual get-togethers
    • A staple addition to any home bar