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Cut Overproof Rum, 70cl - Overproof Spiced Rum

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Product Description:

Unleash the bold and powerful taste of Cut Overproof Rum, a robust spirit that adds a fiery kick to your cocktails and captivates the senses! 

Cut to the overproof rum is made from blend of Trinidadian and Worthy Park Estate Jamaican rum infused with a blend of real natural spices.

Boasting a whopping 75.5% ABV. This intense spirit is not for the faint-hearted, offering a rich and potent flavour that demands attention. Ideal for experienced rum enthusiasts, Cut Overproof brings an adventurous edge to your drinks, making it perfect for creating memorable cocktails and unique twists on classic spiced rum recipes.

Tasting Notes:


Intense molasses and dark chocolate with a hint of tropical fruit


Bold and rich, with flavours of caramel, liquorice, and toasted oak


Warm, and lingering with a powerful spice kick

Product Details - Everything You Need To Know:

Alcohol Strength:

75.5% ABV



Spirit Type:



Intense, bold, and overproof


Cut Rum


  • Cocktail parties
  • Daring tastings for rum enthusiasts
  • A bold addition to any home bar

Be aware due to the high ABV sugars in the bottles may crystallise on the bottle.