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Hennessy Paradis Rare Cognac, 70cl

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Product Description:

Hennessy Paradis Rare Cgncac is a symphony of over 100 distinct, aged eaux-de-vie, carefully selected from the finest vineyards in the Cognac region. Paradis was conceived in 1979 by Maurice Fillioux, a master blender at Hennessy. He blended a selection of eaux-de-vie that his grandfather had laid down.

This exquisite blend is a testament to 250 years of Hennessy's celebrated craftsmanship. Housed in a beautifully crafted crystal decanter, Hennessy Paradis is the epitome of refinement and opulence, offering a deeply satisfying cognac experience.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: A delicate symphony of floral notes, accompanied by hints of underwood, dried rose petals and cinnamon.

Palate: A delightful explosion of flavours with notes of truffle, yellow fruits and subtle spice, masterfully enveloped by an incredibly smooth texture.

Finish: Long and elegant, characterised by notes of honey, dried roses, and a whisper of spice.

Product Details:

  • Alcohol Strength: 40% ABV
  • Size: 70cl
  • Spirit Type: Cognac
  • Flavour: Floral, Underwood, Dried Roses, Cinnamon, Truffle, Yellow Fruits, Spice, Honey Colour: Deep Amber
  • Origin: France
  • Brand: Hennessy
  • Gluten Free: No
  • Presentation: Gift Box

Serving Suggestions:

Hennessy Paradis is best enjoyed neat in a tulip glass to fully appreciate the complexity and depth of its flavours.