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Las Olas Premium Spiced Rum, 70cl - Award Winning Rum

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Product Description

Las Olas is back! After a year out and a complete rebrand the popular London based brand is now available again. Get your hands on a brand new bottle today.

Las Olas Spiced Rum represents the next chapter in rum for a new generation of rum drinkers. From the bottle to the taste, their story is one that’s rooted in the histories, traditions, cultures, and communities that inspired the art of rum, but brought together in the culture capital of London. Its an award winning rum winning gold at the world rum awards in 2022 under the flavoured rum category.

Las Olas is a premium blend of unaged pot still white rums from Barbados and Jamaica, which is then spiced in the UK. You'll enjoy notes of vanilla, gold cherry, roasted coffee beans and more all blended and balanced to create a unique spiced rum offering. 

Recommended serve is on the rocks, but fits just as well in a cocktail, such as the Las Olas New Fashioned which is a modern rum twist on the classic Old Fashioned Cocktail. Scroll down for ingredients needed to make this cocktail which is sure to impress your loved ones.

Well presented in a stylish bottle, Las Olas premium spiced rum makes a great gift for any rum lover, taking their experience with spiced rum to a new level.

Product Details

  • Alcohol Strength - 40% ABV
  • Size - 70cl
  • Spirit - Rum
  • Style - Spiced Rum
  • Notes - Vanilla, gold cherry, roasted coffee beans
  • Origin - Jamaica, Barbados & London
  • Brand - Las Olas

Las Olas New Fashioned Cocktail

  • Las Olas Spiced Rum - 40ml
  • Orange Bitters - 1 Dash
  • Luxado -  20ml
  • Angostura Bitters - 2 Dashes