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The Chita Whisky, 70cl - Single Grain Japanese Whisky by Suntory

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Product Description:

Uncover the elegance of Japanese whisky with Suntory The Chita, a refined single grain whisky that encapsulates the craftsmanship and spirit of Japan. This sophisticated 70cl bottle is a beautiful showcase of the delicate artistry of Japanese whisky-making.

Suntory The Chita Whisky is produced at the Chita Distillery, renowned for its expertise in crafting grain whiskies. The result is a silky smooth, versatile whisky with gentle notes of honey, citrus, and vanilla. Its well-rounded character is perfect for those looking to explore the subtleties of Japanese whisky.

Tasting Notes:

  • Nose: Soft honey and citrus with a hint of floral notes.
  • Palate: Smooth and velvety, with sweet honey, vanilla, and a delicate touch of citrus.
  • Finish: Long, satisfying, and clean with a hint of spice.

Product Details:

  • Alcohol Strength: 43% ABV
  • Size: 70cl
  • Spirit Type: Whisky
  • Flavour: Honey, Citrus, Vanilla
  • Colour: Pale gold
  • Origin: Japan
  • Brand: Suntory

How to Enjoy:

  • Sip it neat or on the rocks to fully appreciate its delicate flavours.
  • Experiment with it in Japanese-inspired whisky cocktails.
  • A thoughtful gift for those new to Japanese whisky or for collectors seeking a smooth, refined addition to their collection.